Psychology & Psychiatry

Psychology and psychiatry are a scientific discipline which deals with mental states and behaviour. It is a broad discipline includes many sub-fields such as human development, sports, clinical, social behaviour and cognitive process.

 Social psychology

 Geriatric psychiatry

Neurocognitive psychiatry Emergency psychiatry

Cognitive psychology

Behavioral psychology

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      June 09-10, 2020

      5th International Conference on Clinical and Counseling Psychology

      Singapore City, Singapore
      June 22-23, 2020

      32nd World Psychiatrists and Psychologists Meet

      Sydney, Australia
      Jul 20-21, 2020

      Annual Psychiatrists and Psychologists Meet

      Montreal, Canada
      August 17-18, 2020

      World Congress on Psychiatry and Psychology

      Prague, Czech Republic
      September 07-08, 2020

      5th International Conference on Forensic Psychology & Criminology

      Prague, Czech Republic
      September 16-17, 2020

      Annual Congress on Alzheimers and Dementia

      Edinburgh, Scotland
      October 30-31, 2020

      16th World Congress on Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing

      Vancouver, Bahamas
      October 30-31, 2020

      Annual Neurologists and Neurosurgeons Meet

      Vancouver, Canada
      October 30-31, 2020

      Global Summit on Psychiatry and Psychotherapie

      Vancouver, Canada
      November 03-04, 2020

      3rd Annual Congress on Mental Health

      Madrid, Spain
      November 05-06, 2020

      2nd World Congress on Psychiatry and cardiovascular Care

      Dublin, Ireland
      November 16-17, 2020

      27th Cognitive Neuroscience Congress

      Bali, Indonesia
      February 10-11, 2021

      2nd International Summit on Mental Disorders and Illness

      Amsterdam, Netherlands
      February 15-16, 2021

      Annual Congress on Psychiatry and Mental Health

      Toronto, Canada
      February 15-16, 2021

      Child Psychology 2021

      London, UK
      March 15-16, 2021

      3rd European Autism Congress

      Paris, France
      April 01-02, 2021

      3rd World Depression Congress

      Abu Dhabi, UAE
      May 07-08, 2021

      8th World Summit on Mental Health, Psychiatry and Wellbeing

      Amsterdam, Netherlands

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